A family photography session fee with Nadia Chapman is $250.  Nadia Chapman Photography provides services to those who value high quality print.  Digital files can be purchased, and are included in some packages, but not included in the session fee.  Most clients spend approximately $1000 with us on their printed products, however there are no minimum spends.

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Are you done putting off what's important?

Serious About Being Relaxed

We all react differently when theres a shiny camera lens in our face.  Nadia uses a number of methods to help both children and adults relax. 


As a mother herself, she is especially patient with children, knowing that sometimes you just have to go with the flow!

Your family photo session may take place in studio or on location, with a variety of options in the Portland and Vancouver area.

Your Art, Forever Treasured

Two weeks after your family photography session, you will be invited to a digital unveiling of your family's photographic art.

You will be able to choose your favorite images, and pick on which archival grade products to display them.

We Want You To Feel Great!

The thought of preparing the family for a photoshoot can be daunting.  Outfits, tantrums and poses can be a huge turn off!  So we have created a pre-shoot process that will help you feel comfortable and excited about your shoot.  


Once your booking is confirmed, we help you prepare for your shoot with a pre-shoot guide, seasonal outfit articles and a video call with Nadia.  We are focused on making this a fun experience for the entire family!

Your World.  Captured Forever.

The family connection is so hard to describe. 


Different personalities, dynamics and relationships - all bonded together by love of each other, and love of family.  

Our Family Photography sessions capture that which can not be described.