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DIY Rustic Wood Floor & Wall for Newborn Photography

As a newborn photographer, I'm always looking at new props and sets. Instead of spending $300-500 on a rustic wooden floor and wall backdrop from a newborn prop store, I decided to make one for less than $90! If you are a newborn photographer, and looking to create your own sets, then this blog is for you!


I opted to buy my panels ready assembled. They were siding panels that come in a standard 8'x4' size. A very friendly assistant at Lowes cut them in half for me on his big saw machine (thanks Leeland!). You can get these panels both at Lowes and Home Depot. TIP: Ask them if the saw is working BEFORE you go and grab your panel off the shelf, I learned this the hard way at Home Depot!

We then gathered a few other supplies before checking out. Here's a list of what we purchased for this rustic wood floor:

  • 8'x4' wood siding panel $54.34 (ask for it to be cut in half, to result in two 4'x4' panels)

  • Water based wood stain $12.98(to make the panels look aged

  • Paint brush $3.68(because I didn't feel like digging around for one in the garage)

  • Plastic sheeting $3.98 (as I painted these indoors, you could forego this perhaps if doing it outside)

  • Sand paper $6.48(I used 120 grit paper for my electric sander. You could also use just regular sandpaper and/or a sanding block, its only to remove any pointy bits)

  • A plastic scrapper $4.29 (this is to achieve the rustic look)

  • TOTAL: $85.75

As I had plenty of white paint at home, I didn't buy this, but if you don't have any then you will need a small can of white paint. I had some leftover Sherwin Williams Pure White in a flat finish.

The actual creation of the rustic wood effect was pretty simple.

Step 1:

Lay down your plastic sheet (if using one)

Step 2:

Lay your wood panel boards with the panels facing up

Step 3:

Sand down any rough spots. I was sure to soften the edges where they had been cut

Step 4:

Apply the wood stain with the paintbrush (you could also use a rag if you wanted to!)

Step 4:

Allow to dry. The can said dry time was one hour, but I actually only waited 30mins (I know I'm impatient!)

Step 5:

Open the white paint and apply it using the scraper. This is the part that requires 'some' skill (but really not much!). Begin with strokes along the grain, until most of the wood is covered (I wanted quite a rustic feel, so I left quite a few spots intentionally). For added texture, run the scraper perpendicular to the grain (this can be at random spots, not along the entire board).

Step 6:

Wait for it to dry and admire your work!

I was really pleased with the outcome! These boards will get much use in my newborn photography studio! They are the perfect side for newborn beds, buckets, and bowls, as well as larger baby probs for sitters. Also, if I get bored of them (pardon the pun!) then I can always repaint them for a different look!

I hope yours turn out just as you'd like! Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section!

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