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5 Planning Tips for Fall Family Photoshoot Outfits

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Autumn colors make you stop and stare. Rich deep tones that somehow perfectly compliment each other. No wonder Fall (or Autumn as we call it in England!) is the most popular time for family photos.

So you've booked your session, decided on a location, and now the big question looms; what. do. we. wear? 😨 Many mamas are not only tasked with getting their own outward appearance photo-ready, but also that of the entire family! Pulling off the pre-shoot activities can seem daunting, but it will be well worth the effort. I see you mama, and you got this!! 

Let's run through a few tips to help you enjoy the run up to your shoot.


1. Classic AND Casual

Select at least two outfits/looks, and ideally three or four. This way, you will have a nice selection of images to build out your album and artwork.  

Have at least one casual and one classic, more formal look. The casual look can be jeans and a cute knit sweater. The textures will look great on camera.  

For the classic looks, choose a dress (or a skirt). You will not only look fabulous, but most mamas feel prettiest in a dress (and how you feel shows on camera!). Specifically, go for figure-flattering dresses that define your waist (belts can help with this too). I like those that have some float to them too, as they look dreamy in pictures!

2. Ladies First

This is one of the times you get to think about you first! We often put the kiddos and family first, but this time it's all about YOU! Mama's are generally the hardest to dress (because there are so many options!), therefore choose your outfits first, and build the rest of the family's look from there.

3. Texture over pattern

Try to stick mainly to solid colors. Patterns are fine in subtle small amounts; we just don't want them to either be distracting or clashing. Textures are a good way to substitute for patterns, i.e. knit, lace, and other textured fabrics.

4. Layer up

If multiple outfit changes seem like to much for you and your family, a great way to change things up is layers. Include jackets/coats/sweaters to change up a base look. I certainly still recommend at least one classic and one casual look however; but from these base looks, you can build them up with layers.

5. Color Pallet

Keep the color pallet for each look to around 2-3 colors. Mamas are often looked to as the anchor of the family, and look great in more of a bold color (think fall burnt oranges and deep reds), then for balance, the rest of the family can be in more neutral tones (such as light denim, khaki, beige). Mothers and daughters certainly look adorable in matching dresses, but don't feel pressured to find these. The main thing is that they don't clash from a color or pattern perspective.

And there you have it! I hope this helps you feel prepared and less worried about your upcoming family shoot. The most important thing to remember is that you and your family are beautiful, and will look stunning in your images no matter what! This guide is just for pointers, so take what is useful for you. Plan your outfits as early as your schedule allows; this will help you be less stressed the week of your shoot.

Ready to look at some dresses? Here are a few dresses that I like for photos - something for every budget and size. Que fashion show!

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